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Kimosetter 410 CTP System Kimosetter 410 Platesetter

Kimosetter 410 Computer to Plate System

Manufacturer will no longer produce and sell the Kimosetter 410 after March 31, 2015, but will continue to support with parts and supplies up to March 31, 2020.

$ 3800 for PC versions through Windows 7 and MAC versions 10.4 and higher.

The Kimosetter Model 410 platemaker was designed to produce first generation images on a polyester plate in sizes up to 16" X 20". The Kimosetter features an internal RIP for either MAC (OSX versions 4.0 and higher) or PC and connects to your computer just as any printer device would. You simply print your publication to the Kimosetter ( we recommend that you convert your publication to a PDF, but you can print directly from the major desktop publishing programs). The Kimosetter uses thermal technology to "etch" the image on the plate. The imaged plate is then ready to put on your press. No special chemicals to buy either. The Kimosetter is NOT a laser printer. The drawback to a laser printer is toner scatter, therefore there is no toner scatter with the Kimosetter.

In most cases the Kimosetter will give you the quality of film or a metal plate. However, because it's a polyester plate, it is designed for shorter runs of 3,000-5,000 sheets per plate. Once again, no special chemicals to use, store or dispose of. Ideal for single color and spot colors, but not processed colors.

Can't believe it? Call us today more information and for a free press-ready sample plate. Or we will make plates using your own PDF file. Now is the time to "go digital" - don't wait for your film processor and old platemaking system to break down. The Kimosetter is the least expensive digital platemaking solution on the market today.

Kimosetter 410 Features:

  • RIP Software for PC or MAC
  • PC requirements: 512 MB free memory, 100 MB installation space, 2 GB disk space, Windows XP, server 2003, Vista 32/64, Windows 7
  • MAC requirements: OSX with Power Mac G4 processor or Intel processor, 500 MHz speed, 512 MB memory, versions 10.4 and higher
  • Toner Free - the platesetter uses its own special ink ribbon cassettes to "etch" the image onto the plate. It does not use any chemicals or toner
  • High Resolution - 1200 dpi resolution results in smooth crisp text, sharp line work and clean halftones
  • Large Size - accomodates all popular plate sizes up to 16" X 20" and is capable of imaging fullbleed with crop and register marks
  • Clean Background - since it uses no toner, the thermal transfer unit cannot create unwanted background scatter.
  • Compact Design - sits on the desktop

Kimoplate E-Plate Features:
  • Chemical Free - no special chemicals, etch or fountain solution - the plate is press ready
  • Clean Background - no toner scatter
  • Excellent Stability - ensures accurate image size and good registration of spot color work
  • Fast Recovery - when restarting after a stop, wipe the plate surface with clean water or fountain solution
  • Fountain Solution - compatible with most fountain solutions
  • Printing Inks - will run with most inks

PRICE: $ 3800 for PC versions through Windows 7 and MAC versions 10.4 and higher. $ 3500 for Kimosetter 340 upgrade.

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